Aromatherapy Bar

Explore the variety of essential oils we have in house. Each individual oil serves a purpose to heal you in Mind, Body, and Spirit.

Essential Oils have been around for centuries and have been used for many purposes. Essential Oils can be used in a home diffuser to make any living space smell amazing and inviting. Aromatherapy is a gentle way of activating your senses and healing you from the inside out.

You can also put a couple drops on your body. You only need a couple drops because it goes a long way. We like to suggest putting a couple drops on your wrists, on your heart chakra, even on the bottom of your feet! In fact, did you know that the most absorbent part of your body IS the bottom of your feet?! Well its true and your feet and your body will love a little essential oils to be rubbed on there! Yay RADICAL SELF CARE=)

If your unsure of which Essential Oil to start with we always suggest Lavender, Bergamot, Geranium, or Frankincense. If you want more information and come in and experience them in person, stop by our Essential Oils bar and we will walk you through the process!

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