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BENEFITS:  Releasing what no longer serves you.  
Clearing away old ideas and old beliefs
 Purifies Mind, Body, and Spirit

 This kit is to help purify you and to release everything that no longer serves you.   

First you want to smudge yourself and your entire house. Get in the corners and in the cupboards too.  Energies like to linger so be thorough. Smudging is a Native American tradition that helps release old energies that are not of your highest and best good and it is a perfect time to smudge during a Full Moon.

After smudging your home, start to draw a bath with the Full Moon Healing Crystal Salt Soak.  Take 20-30 minutes in the bath and bring the beautiful selenite heart with you.  Dunk yourself under water 3 times and "scrub" the energies of the last lunar cycle off of your body, releasing old ideas, beliefs, and connections to others that are not of your highest and best good.  After the 20-30 minutes pull the plug to the tub and say goodbye to everything that you just released with gratitude and love in your heart.  Rise and step out of the shower saying, "I step into my Highest and Best Version of myself NOW".  

Then take some time for mediation.  Light the PURITY candle and hold the selenite heart in your left hand.  The left side of your body is the giving side, so give it ALL away to the Full Moon and let the Selenite crystal purify your energy.  Now watch the flame burn away, once again, everything that you are ready to release to the Full Moon and into the flame, purifying you from the inside out.

Take time to journal about what comes up for you and feel how amazing it is to have a magical reset and feel READY for this next lunar cycle.



Benefits:  Releases Self Hate, Helps with Self Honesty, Promotes Healing from the Past


This kit is to EMPOWER you to choose yourself and to truly SHINE from the inside out.

With this kit you will soak in SHINE Healing Crystal Salt Soak for a 20-30 minute bath soak.  This custom salt blend was created by Dannie Huggs so that we can release self hate, call in insight and inner truth, and courage to love self. During this soaking time,  hold the amazing Rhodonite Healing Crystal.  This powerful crystal helps with dispelling wounds and scares from the past while healing emotions and old hurt and promoting RADICAL SELF LOVE.

After your bath, rinse off and spray yourself with the Reiki Infused essential oil Mist SELF LOVE that will raise your vibrations and give you the power to continue the ritual of  RADICAL SELF LOVE. Then take some time for mediation with the SELF COMPASSION candle. You will burn the candle and watch the flame go all the way down. During this time pull in the energy of self compassion and self love.

 Continue to carry the rhodonite crystal with you, holding it on the right side of your body. The right side is your receiving side of your body and this will help you to choose YOU and whats best for your HIGHEST SELF throughout the day.

 You can use the SELF LOVE spray all day long as well. This Mist will also help continue to empower you to practice Self Love daily.  









BENEFITS: The Manifest Ritual Kit is to help you call in all your DREAMS and DESIRES and to bring them into fruition.  You are a POWERFUL Goddess and you deserver ALL of the things!

First, start with the Manifest Crystal Healing Salt Soak.  Soak for 20-30 minutes and call in money, love, peace, joy, a new home, a new job.  Whatever it is.  Take this time for yourself to get clear on what YOU want and call it into your spirit.  When we do this the Universe responds to us.  Make sure to be and stay positive and really feel what it feels like to actually have your dreams and desires in your life RIGHT NOW!


Then you will rise off and take the HONOURING SELF Roll-On that is custom made right here at Sol Shine for you to raise your vibrations and to take care of YOU.  When we are honouring self and what is in our hearts first, everything else falls into place. It is so so important to feel good about yourself to truly manifest in what your HEART desires the most.  Remember, energy goes where energy flows!  So be sure to use this Roll-On all the time and stay in tune with the frequency of Radical Self Love so the Universe can bring you all that you wish to MANIFEST right NOW!

Included is a Healing Crystal Citrine which is all about MANIFESTATION.  Citrine wants to help bring abundance to you so be sure to keep this baby in your wallet because it likes to be next to money if that is what you are trying to manifest in your life.  You can also wear it on the right side of your body, since this is your receiving side.  Its good in your bra too;)

We also included in this kit a beautiful Rainbow Moonstone Pendulum to do regular "check ins" with yourself.  Use this daily to check in for your F*&^ YES and your F*&( NO's!  


We know you will absolutely LOVE this MANIFEST Ritual Kit for whatever it is you are calling into your life!







Benefits : Depression, sadness, anxiety, creative blocks, releasing old ideas, and helps aid in your soul blossoming into the beautiful amazing Being that YOU are!

With this magical Empowered Goddess Ritual Set you will receive the SHINE Healing Crystal Salt Soak, a 2oz bottle of our Sol Shine Mist, an Opal Pendulum, and a Rutilated Quartz.

First you will soak for 20-30 Minutes in the SHINE Salt Soak. During this time you will call in all the energy that makes you SHINE! Is it love, being creative, dancing, being with family, self care? Whatever it is feel yourself start to SHINE from the inside out. During this bath you will also feel everything that is blocking you from your highest and best good melt away. When you get out of the bath take some time to write down the things that make you SHINE. You will need this for when you use your gorgeous opal pendulum;)

Next spray your body with the Sol Shine Mist. This Mist is made especially for you, activating your sacral and solar plexus, allowing you to SHINE. This special blend is to help keep your creativity and vitality SHINE through all throughout the day!

Be sure to carry the rutilated quartz with you and carry this healing crystal on the right side of your body. The right side is the receiving side, and you want to stay open to help you feel joyful and to SHINE everywhere you go!

Lets go back to the pendulum... You will carry this with you and to CHECK IN with Self to make sure in alignment with decisions that will keep you on the path to SHINING.

IF you are a first time user of a pendulum you will want to start by breathing deep and releasing everything that doesn't serve you. Do this 3 times. Then hold the pendulum between your fingers and feel what it feels like to have a YES In your body. AN example would be just simply saying your name over and over, because your body knows that YES that is your name. Watch the pendulum start to move in a certain direction. Everyone is a unique snowflake so the direction of a YES from the pendulum will look different for everyone. Then do the same with a NO. An example would be saying your name is Santa Clause. Your body knows that your name isn't Santa Clause so feel what it feels like to have a strong NO in your body. Watch and see what direction your pendulum goes and wha-La! You have your YES and your NO and your ready to work with this Divination tool to help you keep SHINING all day long!

We know this Empowered Goddess Ritual Set will help heal you from the inside out! Don't delay and grab one today!








Benefits:  Feeling ungrounded, crawling though your skin, or your spirit isn't in your body?! Well you NEED some GROUNDing and PROTECTing in your life ASAP!


This powerful Empowered Goddess Ritual Set has a DETOX Healing Crystal Salt Bath, Palo Santo, our special house Grounding Roll On, and a Smoky Quarts to get you GROUNDED and feeling SAFE and Protected in your mind, body, and spirit.


First start with burning Palo Santo in your home. Light the end of the Palo Santo until its lit. Walk around your sanctuary and ask for all the energies that are not of the highest and best good for you to be released up to Divine Source Light NOW. Call in PROTECTION and peace. Use the Palo Santo on yourself too, around your head, heart space, and the bottom of your feet. Do this until you feel complete.


Next a 20-30 minute bath with the DETOX Healing Crystal Salt Bath. Take this time you have carved out for yourself to allow the healing essential oils and salt DETOXify you: Mind, Body, and Spirit. During this bath mediate on everything you are ready to let go and ask Spirit to help you DETOX on every level. You will want to dunk your head under the water fully and do an "Energetic Rub" rubbing your entire body around your heart, head, and stomach areas. This will help the DETOXifying process and release energies that are not of your highest and best good.


After the bath you will rinse off and dry your body. Next you will take the GROUNDING Roll-on and roll on the bottoms of your feet. Did you know the most absorbent part of your body is your feet!? Well it TRUE and this special essential oil roll on will help keep you GROUNDED in your body and will help reconnect you to Mother Earth .


Roll on GROUNDING every morning when you wake up! Its a great way to start your day and to keep you SAFE in your body, mind, and spirit. Be sure to carry the magical healing crystal, Smoky Quartz with you too. This healing crystal will also keep you Grounded and Protect you from negative energies throughout the day.








Benefits: Have you been struggling with serial dating? Sick of going out not Tinder Dates? Ready to meet your SOUL MATE. This Ritual Set is the perfect Ritual for Manifesting TURE LOVE into you life can calling in your PERSON.



LOVE! Comes with Manifest Healing Crystal Salk Soak, LOVE Pure Essential Oils Roll On, Rose Quartz, small votive, red ritual candle.


First you want to draw a bath and pour in the Manifest Healing Crystal Salk Soak. Mix in all the magic of manifestation and soak your body in this deeply healing and magical blend of pure essential oils and healing salt for 20-30 minutes. During this time call in everything you want from your SOUL MATE. REMEMBER: Be specific while you are soaking. Call in all the qualities you want from a mate. Next feel what it feel like to have that person in your life RIGHT NOW! Then pull the drain and release the bath. Stay in the bath tub while the water is going down the drain and say goodbye with gratitude in your heart to all the things standing in the way of you and your TRUE LOVE!


After your soak gently rinse off and roll the LOVE roll on around your heart space in a clockwise direction saying the mantra, "My Person Is On Their Way to Me Right Now. They are here NOW." Say this 10 times as you breath in this potent and magical blend of True LOVE!


Then sit in mediation with your rose quartz in your right hand and light the PASSION Ritual Candle. As the candle is burning down, pull the energy of PASSION and TRUE LOVE into your heart space. While doing this FEEL what it feels like to have your PERSON with you here and NOW. After the candle burns away, take time to journal and write whatever comes to mind. Maybe even write a letter to your person or a person in the past who has hurt you from opening your heart to love.


Then you will continue to carry the healing Crystal of Rose Quartz with you and wear the LOVE roll-on throughout the day and evening. Be sure to carry the Rose Quartz on the left side of your body, this is the receiving side of your body.







Benefits:  Helps with reliving daily stresses.  Allows the Mind, Body, and Spirit to dial down the crazy and helps to recenter one into their Highest and Best Good. 


BABY DON'T STRESS comes with one of our house favorite Healing Crystal Salt Soaks OPEN, Baby Don't Stress Roll-On, Green Calcite, votive, and Tranquility Ritual Candle.


First, draw yourself a nice and warm bath and mix in the OPEN Healing Crystal Salk Soak.  Soak in this bath for 30 minutes allowing all of the pure essential oils and herbs to soak into your pores.  Take 7 deep cleansing breathes, breathing in Divine White Light and releasing out of your mouth EVERYTHING that no longer serves you.  After you breathing FEEL the salt pulling out all the stresses of today out of your energy field.  


After gently rinsing off when you are complete with your soak, dry off and roll on the Baby Don't Stress Roll-On on your temples, wrists, chest, and the bottom of your feet.  The bottom of your feet you may ask?  YES!  This is the most absorbent part of your body so it will get the pure essential oils into your system FAST!  This magical oil will help you dial down the crazy and keep you in a more peaceful state of mind and body.

Green Calcite is added to this magical Empowered Goddess Ritual Set for you to carry with you in your day to day life, you can even put in bed with you when you are ready to sleep so it can continue to heal you while you rest.  Green Calcite aids in restoring balance between mind, body, and spirit.  While it helps relieves stress and anxiety, it also helps heal the heart and the heart chakra.  An added bonus to the mystical and divine crystal is that helps bring abundance to you in your life. Be sure to carry this gem with you everywhere you go.  It has a nice silky texture too so it is nice to hold onto and rub in stressful times.


After this Empowered Goddess Ritual Set has you calmed down and your heart open to the world, try going for a walk outside or just simply sitting with the sun on your face for 10-20 minutes.  Reconnect to Mother Earth.  Another good idea is picking up that dusty old journal and writing out the "Scramble in your head".  When we release the tension of our inner voice by journaling, we can balance out our emotions and improve our overall mental health.  


So Baby Don't Stress.  You Got This. You Are Divine Love and Perfectly Imperfect!











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