Find Your Feminine Power Workshop: Owning your Confidence, Worth and Power! Call to reserve your spot!

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 Join us Sunday July 28th for this HIGHLY ANTICIPATED empowerment workshop! Amanda Testa is an incredible wealth of empowerment and helps you to rediscover + own the Goddess you are. You DO NOT want to miss this incredible workshop! Call the Sol Shine to reserve your spot! 720-379-4951. $40. NO REFUNDS.

Find Your Feminine Fire Workshop: Owning your Confidence, Worth, and Power with Amanda Testa
    • Maybe you’re tired of going thru the motions. Yes, from the outside all may look good, but inside, you don’t feel connected AT ALL with the woman looking back at you in the mirror.
    • You’re constantly on the move, you are so busy burning the candle at both ends, you never have time to think about anything except the routing/to-dos. They Never. Freaking. End.
    • Maybe you’re doing all the right things for yourself, you’re working out, you’re eating well, you’re involved in your community, but deep down you know something is missing. 
    • You’re tired of that nagging voice that is telling you whatever you’re doing isn’t good enough
    • You’re ready to be present with the people you love again, less scattered and overwhelmed.
    • You’re ready to stand tall, level up, and step fully into your worth and power. You’re ready to deeply nourish yourself, to reconnect to the sensual, fiery woman you know is in there somewhere. You’re ready to fully embrace all of who you are, exactly as you are, and feel more love and self-confidence than ever before so you can take the necessary steps to bring your desires into your life. And know in every cell of your body, you are worthy of them. Knowing in every cell of your body YOU. ARE. ENOUGH. Exactly as you are.

I see you gorgeous women. And you are not alone.


In my years working with overwhelmed women, I see time and time again that we all have similar struggles. No matter what it looks like on the outside, so many women feel stuck in the routine of life. 
The good news is that is ABSOLUTELY doesn’t have to be this way. 
I’m here to help you remember who you truly are. The magnetic, powerful, confident feminine, sensual Goddess inside you just needs a little dusting off. 
Over the past five years, I’ve worked with women just like you to reclaim their Feminine Fire and jumpstart their life.
This class is going to allow you to BE in your beautiful feminine body. It will allow you to MOVE thru the things that are holding your back. You will BREATHE in new life, new focus, new presence and clarity on your path. and you will TAP INTO the most fiery, empowered, badass version of yourself. 
You will enjoy gentle movement, breath, and meditation, and leave feeling deeply nourished, deeply connected to your powerful, feminine self and the other women who are on the journey beside you, activated to a new level of awareness of who you really are, and owning your confidence, worth, and power.
Recent feedback:
"Amanda's incredibly powerful yet simple delivery helped me get so clear in a fear and a vision that without her guidance I wouldn't have uncovered. I'm someone who's been in personal development for 12 years and not everyone can get through my strong ego and distracted mind, she did and it only took 40 minutes in a group setting. She's incredible! You want to have her coach or speak to you and your groups. What a treat it was to learn from her! #moreplease "
“I came in feeling very heavy and overwhelmed and honestly, very down. I left feeling the opposite. It gave me hope and direction and encouragement. So thank you for creating a space for that to happen” 
“Classes with Amanda are such a fun, sexy and empowering time. I love her incorporation of pleasure, movement, sensuality and healing practices. The way she guides you is so supportive, gentle and encouraging. I love how the energy increases in the group setting and by having amanda hold space for my unfolding of pleasure and personal evolution. I feel so deliciously relaxed and refreshed afterward I wish I could work with her everyday!”
“Amanda’s classes are body nourishing soul stirring heart awakening journeys that always leave me feeling more calm, empowered and delightfully alive. Having Amanda hold space for me to take this much needed but sometimes hard to find time for myself is priceless”


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