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Allerg-EASE Healing Crystal Salt Soak

Benefits: Get off the struggle bus with your allergies! You'll love the relief you get from puffy eyes, sensitive skin, runny nose, congestion and more, with Allerg-EASE. The magic of this soak gives you relief from pain and suffering, it's calming, relives pressure from sinuses sand heals the mind from anxiety. You will love this minty soak!


Draw your warm water and prepare for a 20-30 minute soak. During this time you will splash your face 5 to 10x with the healing water and allow it to provide you with pressure relief. Take in the menthol aroma with 5 deep breaths to help break up any fluids in you chest causing congestion. As you settle into the bath and relax your body from heat to toe. In a meditative state, relax the crown of your head, your forehead, your eyes, your sinuses, your lips, your chin, your chest, your arms, your fingers ... and so on until you get to the tips of your toes. ENJOY!



CHEER Healing Crystal Salt Soak

Benefits: The name says it all! This soak is a clove forward blend that works with your Root, Sacral and Solar Plexus Chakras to promote healthy sexuality, integrity and proactiveness! It is a POWERFUL antidepressant, anti-inflammatory, and antispasmodic. Allow this soak to create feelings empowerment, body acceptance and set clear boundaries!


Draw your warm water and prepare for a 20-30 minute soak. Right away you will feel grounded and connected to Mother Earth and Self. Allow worries, stresses kept on your stomach region start to ease. As you soak, invite in the feelings of absolute pleasure and joy from the tips of your toes to the crown of your head. KNOW in every fiber of your being that you are fully supported, cast out fears and invite JOY in ... Let the happy tears flow! Don't hold back, light some candles, burn some Palo Santo and bask in the feel good sensations of sensuality. You create your reality, so discover your personal power with CHEER!


DETOX Healing Crystal Salt Soak

Benefits: This soak is a mind, body, spirit detox that leaves you enlightened and spiritually open. Use this bath to induce feelings of love, help you go with the flow and gain spiritual growth!


Draw your warm water and prepare for a 20-30 minute soak. Take this time you have carved out for yourself to allow the healing essential oils and salt to DETOXify you: Mind, Body, and Spirit. During this bath mediate on everything you are ready to let go and ask Spirit to help you DETOX on every level. You will want to dunk your head under the water fully and do an "Energetic Rub" rubbing your entire body around your heart, head, and stomach areas. This will help the DETOXifying process and release energies that are not of your highest and best good. As the water goes down the drain, imagine in gratitude, all that you released going down too. 




FROSTY Healing Crystal Salt Soak

Benefits: FROSTY is and amazing soak that relieves muscle soreness, aches and pains. Our suppressed, negative emotions can manifest into real, physical pains. This soak address them in an emotional and physical way!


Draw your warm water and prepare for a 20-30 minute soak. Delight in the minty goodness of this as it loosens sore muscles and relives tightness all over. You will be amazed at how this special blend of essential oils helps you face the emotional hurt that is manifesting into muscle pain in your physical body. FROSTY will encourage you to not fear your shadow. It will provide you with courage, self awareness and protection. You will experience mental clarity and confidence to create great change in your life! Pro tip * Combine with FROSTY with CHEER for an intense Icy/Hot bath for maximum relief.




FULL MOON Healing Crystal Salt Soak

Benefits:  Releasing what no longer serves you
Clearing away old ideas and old beliefs
 Purifies Mind, Body, and Spirit

Start to draw a bath with the Full Moon Healing Crystal Salt Soak. Take 20-30 minutes in the bath and bring the beautiful selenite heart with you. Dunk yourself under water 3 times and "scrub" the energies of the last lunar cycle off of your body, releasing old ideas, beliefs, and connections to others that are not of your highest and best good.  After the 20-30 minutes pull the plug to the tub and say goodbye to everything that you just released with gratitude and love in your heart.  Rise and step out of the shower saying, "I step into my Highest and Best Version of myself NOW!" This soak can be done during any phase of the Moon, but is it's most potent when within the Full Moon energies, the 48 hours surrounding the Full Moon's peak.



MANIFEST Healing Crystal Salt Soak

BENEFITS: The Manifest is to help you call in all your DREAMS and DESIRES and to bring them into fruition.  You are a POWERFUL Goddess and you deserver ALL of the things! 

Draw your warm water and prepare for a 20-30 minute soak. Call in money, love, peace, joy, a new home, a new job.  Whatever it is.  Take this time for yourself to get clear on what YOU want and call it into your spirit.  When we do this the Universe responds to us.  Make sure to be and stay positive and really feel what it feels like to actually have your dreams and desires in your life RIGHT NOW! Feeling the feelings of having what you wish RAISES YOU VIBRATION so that you become an energetic match for your desired reality!




OPEN Healing Crystal Salt Soak

Benefits: Helps with reliving daily stresses. Allows the Mind, Body, and Spirit to dial down the crazy and helps to recenter one into their Highest and Best Good. Stress can make you feel closed off and shut down, this soak's healing powers is to open you up and lavender to relax it way.

First, draw yourself a nice and warm bath and mix in the OPEN Healing Crystal Salk Soak.  Soak in this bath for 30 minutes allowing all of the pure essential oils and herbs to soak into your pores.  Take 7 deep cleansing breathes, breathing in Divine White Light and releasing out of your mouth EVERYTHING that no longer serves you. After your breathing, FEEL the salt pulling out all the stresses of the day out of your energy field. OPEN recharges all Chakras, fights illnesses brought on by stress and helps you let go!



SHINE! Healing Crystal Salt Soak

Benefits: You'll love the magic of this crystal salt blend as it activates your shine and sparkle from the inside out! Theis special blend will also help you invite in radical self love and mental clarity. It promotes confidence and healthy communication. Allow it to open you up to new experiences too! Use as a full emersion bath OR a luxurious foot soak. You'll love this citrus blend!

Draw your warm water and prepare for a 20-30 minute soak. During this time you will call in all the energy that makes you SHINE! Is it love? Dancing? Being with friends and family? Self care? Being in the creative flow? Whatever it is, feel yourself start to SHINE from the inside out. During this soak you will also feel everything that is blocking you from your highest and best good MELT away. As the water goes down the drain, imagine in gratitude, all that you released going down too. When you get out of the bath take some time to write down the things that make you SHINE!





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